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East Coast Tubal Reversal Center
Charlottesville, VA 22911
Phone 434-654-8520

New Hope for Women Seeking
Tubal Reversal Surgery


Tubal Reversal Surgery with a Money Back Guarantee

The East Coast Tubal Reversal Surgery Center offers 35 years of combined experience in tubal ligation reversal surgery. Dr. Bateman and Dr. Williams were named “One of the Nation’s Top Doctors” beginning in 1996 to the present, and the surgery is performed at Martha Jefferson Hospital which is among the “Top 100” Community Hospitals in America. Laura Smith, MD Fellowship Trained, Reproductive Endocrinologist/Infertility specialist recently joined our staff. All of our reproductive endocrinologists, infertility specialists, have extensive experience performing delicate microsurgical tubal reversal surgery  procedures laparoscopically. Tubal reversal surgery is often referred to as tubal reanastamosis.

We are also the most cost- effective tubal reversal surgery program in the country with the confidence and expertise to offer a $2,000 refund guarantee if tubal reversal surgery does not successfully open at least one tube.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you reach your goal of having another child. Surgical reversal of tubal ligation also known as tubal reanastamosis is a highly successful procedure to restore normal fertility after fallopian tube ligation (tubes have been tied). virginia tubal reversal specialist

Until In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) became routine and successful, tubal reversal surgery was much more common. Over the last 5 years, or so, the success rates for IVF at highly-successful programs have nearly reached that of tubal reversal surgery in the best candidates. Also, some insurance companies now cover IVF. With these changes tubal ligation reversal surgery has become much less common nationally.

Going to a center with extensive experience in tubal reversal surgery is key. It is important that any woman considering tubal reversal surgery also be counseled about the benefits and drawbacks of IVF as compared to tubal reversal surgery. In the most ideal circumstances, every woman considering tubal reversal surgery would be counseled at a program that offered both options with high success rates.

The East Coast Tubal Reversal Center and the Reproductive Medicine and Surgery Center of Virginia are such places. Both Doctors Bateman and Williams are former full-time faculty at the University of Virginia School of Medicine/University of Virginia Health system. In addition to their busy clinical practices, the doctors are also actively involved in teaching resident physicians and in National Institutes of Health-supported research. Laura Smith, MD recently joined our practice and she is fellowship trained in reproductive endocrinology and infertility and is an accomplished laparoscopic surgeon.


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